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What type of diet are you planning to provide your dog? Brand, etc.

Who will care for the dog should the primary caretaker become incapable of owning this dog?

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If a behavioral problem arises, what steps will you take to work it out?

You are rescuing a dog from a humane pet shop. We are reliant on merchandise sales to continue to rescue and care for our dogs. To adopt a bark n' bitches rescue dog you are required to spend a minimum of $175 in supplies on your new pet. We offer 20% off all merchandise today (excluding food) plus a 10% lifetime discount. What supplies do you need today?

A rescued animal will have a period of adjustment when entering into your home. This period may be a few days to several months and could result in temporary behavioral changes. How will you assist your pet through this transition?

Do you understand that you will be sharing your life with a dog for 14-18 years, and that this dog will be totally dependent on you for food, exercize, shelter, health and veternary care?

Are you willing and able to make a life-long commitment to a dog as a family member?

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How many hours will the dog be left unattended while you are at work/school/ect.?

Where will the dog sleep?

Where will the dog be kept when you are not home (running erands, etc.)?

How often do you travel?

What will you do with the dog while you are out of town?

If you move what will you do with the dog?

Are you aware of the non-refundable adoption fee of between $395 and $695?
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